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Establishment April 1, 1952
Capital 12 million yen
Business Manufacturing of gears for automotive mission, small precision gears, and gears for industrial machinery.
Representative Atsushi Jun
Number of employees 115 (As of January 2018)
Banks Nagoya Bank Oe branch, Aichi Bank Dotoku branch.
Head Office
2-11, Dotokukita-cho, Minami-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 457-0864, Japan
Phone+81-52-691-4329  Facsimile+81-52-692-2971

Factory Locations

Shinpo Factory
507-27, Shinpomachi, Tokai, Aichi, 476-0005, Japan
Phone+81-52-689-3500  Facsimile+81-52-601-1666
Shinpo Second Factory
507-48, Shinpomachi, Tokai, Aichi, 476-0005, Japan
Phone+81-52-689-6886  Facsimile+81-52-603-1616
Arimatsu Factory
1606, Okehazamaminami, Midori-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 458-0927, Japan
Phone+81-52-693-7122  Facsimile+81-52-625-1510


1952 Kikuta Iron Factory as a limited partnership company was founded in current head offices location and started contract manufacturing of gears mainly for motorcycles and agricultural machineries.
1982 Transaction was initiated with Koritsu Limited Partnership Company (current Koritsu Co.,Ltd.). Our company was responsible for contract manufacturing of such as gear cutting processing of gears for automatic cars by Just In Time system
1992 Reorganized into Kikuta Iron Works Co., Ltd.
1993 Established the ion plating apparatus (HCD method) for PVD coating and entered the film processing business.
1999 Established Shinpo Factory
2000 Launched the development of the tooth surface grinding method.
2002 Started film processing of TiAIN film by 3rd ion plating device (API method) newly installed.
2004 Transaction was initiated with Nabtesco Corporation.
Spin-off the coating contract department from Kikuta Iron Works to Kikuta Giken Co., Ltd.
2005 ISO9001 and ISO2000 certified
2006 Established Shinpo Second Factory
2008 Transaction was initiated with Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.
2009 ISO9001 and ISO2008 certified
2014 Established Arimatsu Factory
2016 ISO9001 :2015 certified
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